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:iconjustdrav:justdrav posted a status
Here's the (somewhat... I may, fiddle with it more as it passes through my hands) finished 'Eye'. I'm pretty disappointed that the pupil still looks really flat, I was hoping that I would get the details in there a little better. I'll also fiddle with the shape, it's a little...odd (psst, does it look lopsided to you?)
Well hey, that's why one does excersizes like this, right? Lately, I seem to hit nothing but hurdles, though.
I cranked up the contrast so that the 'blacks' weren't the nice medium shade of grey they were in the original file that downloaded.

Thank you very much to ~Eanna who let me use her fantastic photo titled "Do You See Your Future?" [link]
I originally fave'd it because I thought it was a great photo, and one day, when it showed up on my devArt main page as a random fave I thought 'hmm, that would be kind of fun to draw...' And then she gave me permission! I was happy. When you go check it out, you'll see it's not exactly the same thing, but it's as close as I got at the stage of development I'm in. As always, I'm open for some constructive criticizm.

Happy creativity to everyone, I'm going to go sulk by a canvas for a while.

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